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Encoder Signal Splitter | NorthStar RIMSS2 Encoder Splitter

The NorthStar brand Encoder Signal Splitter isolates and duplicates encoder outputs, It is designed to route one encoder’s signals to multiple, isolated locations.

  • Encoder Signal Splitter Eliminates the Expense and Maintenance of Two Separate Encoders
  • Optically Isolated Outputs can be Sent to a Motor Drive and a Display at the Same Time
  • Combats Long Distance and Electrical Noise and Interference Problems
  • Encoder splitter board mounts to standard DIN Rail EN50022


RIM SS2 Encoder Signal Splitter


Input Signal: 2 or 3 channel quadrature signal, square wave, open collector, differential, or single ended line driver
Input Signal Voltage: 4 - 26 VDC
Input Signal Current: 2.2 mA minimum, 3.5 mA, typical
Output Signal: Two independent, isolated line
driver output sets (A/A, B/B)
Output Current: 150 mA (maximum per channel)
Supply Voltage: 5 - 26 VDC

Mechanical and Environmental

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Mounting:  DIN Rail EN 50022, (35mm x 7.5mm)
Enclosure Material: PVC


The RIM SS2 Signal Splitter will accept 4-26 VDC signals and provide two independent and completely isolated line driver outputs of 5-26 VDC based on user defined voltage levels. Its optically isolated inputs accept quadrature or single channel inputs, with or without their complements, from differential line drivers, open collector, and even from proximity probes. The Signal Splitter also has the ability to repeat and amplify signals.

Each output of the Signal Splitter is user definable from 5 to 26 VDC. In addition to short circuit protection, outputs are ESD protected according to MIL-STD-883. Each connector of the Signal Splitter is equipped with two positions for +VCC and common, as well as two extra field accessible tie points, making power supply connections simple and quick. Capable of driving the output signal up to 26 VDC, the Signal Splitter will also function with either output disconnected.

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