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NRTK | Wheel and Sensor Upgrade Kits for Legacy NorthStar RIM Tach 8500 and 1250 Models

Upgrade kits allow easy transition to next generation NorthStar RT8 and RT1 sensors providing improved durability, resolution and performance.

  • New sensor provides up to 0.075" of air gap over 50% more than competitive models, allowing easy installation and improve durability in the field 
  • "Best in Class" durable replacement wheel options 
  • Protective magnetic wheel edge guard
  • stainless steel sensor modules 
  • Higher resolutions up to 2,400 PPR


NorthStar RIM Tach Sensor and Wheel Upgrade Kit


Resolution (pulses per revolution) 60 to 2,400 PPR
Input Power Requirements 5-26 VDC, 95mA (typical per sensor module, plus line driver load)
Output Signals:  IC-WE Differential Line Driver: 150mA, sink or source

Mechanical and Environmental

Number of Output Modules Single or Dual 
Bore Sizes:

5/8” to 2-7/8” (RIM Tach 8500/RT8)
5/8” to 2-7/8” (RIM Tach 1250/RT1)


10 pin industrial duty latching, sealed NEMA 4 &12, IP65. Optional MS3102 10 pin, Pigtail Cable, or Latching connector on cable extension

Shaft Speed

7,000 RPM, max.

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 100°C

For additional information including wheel sizes, resolution and mounting, please see datasheet


The NorthStar NRTK Wheel and Sensor Upgrade Kits allow easy transition of legacy NorthStar RIM Tach 8500 and 1250 models into next generation NorthStar RT8 and RT1 magnetic encoders. The next generation sensors offer wider sensor to wheel air gap allowing for easy installation and alignment. The wider air gap also translates into improved durability and long term performance. The next generation wheel offers protective magnetic edge guards which also improves the durability of the pulse wheel.