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Series 7143 Magnetic Sensors

This product has been discontinued. Information is provided for reference only.

  • High output gear tooth sensor
  • Requires no power Supply
  • For low RPM measurement
  • High output design for superior low velocity performance
  • Two-wire, self generating output requires no power connection



Output Voltage: 25 VDC minimum peak to peak (into 100 KO load) with 16-pitch gear, 1000 RPM, 0.01" gap
DC Resistance: 1200O maximum
Inductance: 400 mH maximum
Temperature Range: -100° to +225°F (-73° to +107°C)
Material: Model Number 714300-001: Plastic shell, stainless steel pole piece; Model Number 714300-002: Stainless steel shell and pole piece
Mounting: Model Number 714300-001: Aluminum bracket (supplied);Model Number 714300-002: Threaded body with locknuts (supplied)
Connections: 10' cable assembly (supplied)
See datasheet for recommended gears


For monitoring the speed of any shaft when mated with a magnetic-input tachometer and positioned in alignment with the teeth of a ferrous material gear.

Typically, 60-tooth, 16- pitch gears provide the optimum characteristics for RPM measurement, but other gear types can serve special application needs. They are well suited for industrial machinery as well as test stand and laboratory installations. Series 7143 is available in a plastic tube model, supplied with mounting bracket, or in threaded stainless-steel model. Both include a 10-foot shielded cable with mating connector.

Series 7143 features an extra strength permanent magnet pole-piece and high inductance coil. Gear teeth supply the motion within the magnetic field, so that the sensor/gear combination acts as an AC generator. Voltage output is directly proportional to velocity and closeness of the air gap.