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Series 54Z & 54ZT Pickup Sensors

  • Low Cost Pickup
  • Compact Design
  • Simple Installation
  • Wide Operating Range
  • Ideal for inputs to PLC's, instruments, electronic counters, etc.




Power Requirements: 5 to 18 VDC, 10 mA plus load
Weight: 2 oz.
Operating Temperature: -40° to +105°C (-40° to +220°F)
Cable: 105°C, PVC insulation, 10 foot length
Material: Stainless 303 Steel

Electrical Output Ratings

Outputs: Current Sink (open collector w/2.2 kO pull-ups)
Voltage Range: 5-18 VDC
Sink (mA): 17
Source (mA): 0.9 mA @ Vcc-2V output
Operating Speed: 20 kHz max.
See datasheet for recommended gears


The Series 54 sensors operate over a wide range of air gaps, making them suitable for parts counting and speed sensing applications.

  • Parts counting
  • Speed sensing
  • Sensor for PLC's and indicators

The Series 54 pickups offer new levels of economy, performance and convenience to sensing devices. The wide operating voltage makes them compatible with most counters, indicators or controllers. The Series 54 does not require a minimum target speed, and can operate from zero up to 20,000 targets per second. Commonly used targets include gear teeth, slotted discs, shafts with keyways, etc. made of carbon steel, iron, or magnetic stainless steel. This low cost sensor offers reliable operation in wet, dirty and high temperature environments.