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Series 53Z & 53ZK Pickup Sensors

  • Speed Range: zero speed to 20 kHz
  • Squarewave digital outputs
  • Rugged, mill-duty construction
  • Compact 5/8" diameter package
  • Ideal for inputs to PLC's, instruments, electronic counters, etc.
  • Note: Series 53Z's and 53ZK's are not proximity detectors.




Power Requirements: 5-15 VDC, 15 mA plus load
Weight: 2 oz.
Operating Temperature: -25° to +80°C
Mating Connector: MS3106A-10SL-3S or Dynapar Part No. MCN-N2
Recommended Cable: Belden #9770 or Dynapar Part No. 16002160022

Electrical Output Ratings

Outputs: Current Sink
(open collector w/2.0 kO pull-ups)
Voltage Range: 5-15 VDC
Sink (mA): 25
Source (mA): 0.8 mA
@ 3.5V output
Operating Speed: 20 kHz max.
See datasheet for recommended gears


Series 53Z and 53ZK pickups provide a squarewave digital output that is generated by the alternating presence and absence of a ferrous metal target. The 53Z is used with gear teeth. The 53ZK’s commonly used targets include gear teeth, slotted discs, shafts with keyways, etc. made of carbon steel, iron, or magnetic stainless steel. These sensors provide constant amplitude pulses down to zero speed. Reliable operation in wet, dirty, high temperature environments makes magnetic pickups a popular selection for many industrial and commercial applications.