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Series 50 & 50BH Pickup Sensors

  • Speed Range: typically 50 RPM min. to 4000 RPM max.
  • Sine wave output
  • Passive, no external power source required
  • Compact 3/8" & 5/8" diameter packages
  • Rugged, mill-duty construction
  • Good for wet, dirty, high temperature environments




Operating Temperature: 0° to 170°F
Recommended Gap: 0.005 inch
Output: Greater than 0.5 volt peak (2K ohm load) above 3 in./sec.
Cable Length: Maximum recommended cable lengths is 100 feet, but can be extended to 300 feet with minimum speeds above 300 RPM. Line amplifiers are available for longer line lengths. Consult factory.
DC Resistance: 500 to 650 ohms


The 50 & 50BH pickup sensors are typically used in conjunction with a variety of instruments for indicating or controlling speed, flow rate, etc. These variable reluctance, magnetic sensors are the simplest, most economical form of speed sensing. Motion and speed are sensed without mechanical couplings, bearings, linkages or an external power source. A sine wave alternating voltage signal is generated synchronously in the presence of gear teeth made of carbon steel, magnetic stainless steel, or iron (ferrous metal). Output voltage and frequency start at zero with zero target speed, and both increase with the increasing speed of a passing target.