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Dynapar Launches Redesigned Qube 22 Encoder

Qube 22 Rugged EncoderJune 1st, 2011—Dynapar announces the upgraded Qube series, our versatile 2.25” size encoder, built for measuring mechanical motion in industrial applications. This newly redesigned Qube delivers a more rugged encoder for the same price.

The upgraded design features phased array ASIC sensor technology which significantly reduces the number of board level components in the encoder. This ultimately allows for a more reliable encoder in an industrial application while increasing product lifetime. The new Qube also utilizes an unbreakable code disk and larger bearings to add to the encoder’s reliability and versatility.

Dynapar’s Qube 22 Features:

  • Improved Shock spec at 100 G’s for 11 ms duration as well as an improved Vibration spec at 20 G’s for 5 to 2000 Hz which provides a more robust encoder.
  • Increased shaft loading up to 80 lbs radial and axial for heavier duty applications.
  • A new IP67 sealing option for harsh environment applications.
  • Expanded resolution range of up to 3600 ppr for higher accuracy requirements.
As with its predecessor, the new Qube is built to order and available for the general market starting June, 2011. The Qube will be marketed under the Dynapar brand name and will be manufactured in the company’s Gurnee, IL manufacturing facility. For new or existing applications and volume pricing, contact a Dynapar representative at 800-873-8731 or visit the web for specifications and technical information.