Series 10, 15, 21, 31, 55 - Heavy Duty Resolver, FRAMELESS


Series 10, 15, 21, 31 and  55 

 RIM Signal Switcher 
RIM Tach 1250

Quick Specs...

  • Provide accurate, absolute position feedback
  • Rugged and able to withstand high shock and vibration levels
  • High resistance to EMI noise and radiation effects
  • Brushless, lightweight devices that consume little power
  • Flange and servo groove mount styles
  • Impervious to most industrial contaminant and temperature extremes

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Overview / Design Principle:

Harowe brushless resolvers are the ideal position feedback transducer for brushless motors, robots and direct-drive motors in precision rotary platforms and similar servo applications. Resolvers are the most versatile position transducers available for instrumenting rotary axes. They are rugged, reliable, able to operate at 155°C and impervious to most particulate and liquid process contaminates. In addition, resolvers provide absolute position information over one revolution (single speed types), and can be combined with an inexpensive integrated circuit to provide up to 16-bit digital word or emulated incremental encoder output, plus direction and analog velocity signals..

Features & Benefits:

  • Flux shielding technology
  • Up +200°C continuous duty operating temperature rating
  • Multiple resolver speeds available including 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X and up to 8X (on 31 and 55 models)
  • Corrosion resistent; radiation hardened- steel (available on all sizes) or aluminum (avaible on sizes 15 and 21only) housings
  • High shock, EMI (noise), vibration and radiation resistance - std on all sizes


Ideal for extreme temperature and high shock/vibration applications; motor communtation and positioning used in commercial aviation, factory automation and general industrial applications.

Series 10 15 21 31 55
Nominal Size (OD): 1.0 inch 1.5 inch 2.1 inch 3.1 inch 5.5 inch
Mounting System: Flange/Servo Flange/Servo Flange/Servo Flange/Servo Flange/Servo
Flux Shield Technology: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max. Bore Size: 0.25 inch
(6 mm)
0.472 inch
(12 mm)
0.800 inch
(20 mm)
1.576 inch
(40 mm)
3.651 inch
(93 mm)
Input Volts (rms): 2 to 12 2 to 12 2 to 12 2 to 12 2 to 12
Input Frequency (Hz): 2K to 10K 2K to 10K 2K to 10K 2K to 10K 2K to 10K
Transformation Ratio: .25 to 1.0 .25 to 1.0 .25 to 1.0 .25 to 1.0 .25 to 1.0
Resolver Speed: 1X 1X, 2X, 3X or 4X 1X, 2X, 3X or 4X Multi-speeds available (up to 8X) Multi-speeds available (up to 32X)
Electrical Error: ±15 arcmin ±10 arcmin ±7 arcmin ±20 arcmin ±30 arcmin
Shock Vibration and Radiation Resistance: High High High High High
Operating Temperature: Up to 200°C Up to 200°C Up to 200°C Up to 200°C Up to 200°C
Housing Material: Steel Steel or Aluminum Steel or Aluminum Steel Steel

*Specifications subject to change without notice 

Available Specifications:

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