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Lika Encoder Crossovers

Dynapar offers replacements for Lika encoders with fast lead times and expedited shipping options available in North America. Use our guide below to find your current Lika encoder product family and click on the Dynapar replacement model to visit our online configuration tool.

If you do not see your Lika encoder model, please contact usand we will be able to find a suitable replacement.

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Lika Incremental Encoder Replacements

Lika Encoder 
Part Number


Part Number


Lika I40 Encoder

Shafted Incremental Encoder, 2.0" Flange Size,1 to 2540 PPR. View Data Sheet

Lika I58 Encoder

H58 h58-thumb
Shafted Incremental Encoder, 58mm Flange Size, 1 to 2540 PPR. View Data Sheet

Lika I65 Encoder

Lika IT65 Encoder

Shafted Incremental Encoder, 2.5" Flange Size, 1 to 2540 PPR. View Data Sheet
Shafted Incremental Encoder, 2.5" Flange Size, 1 to 1024 PPR. View Data Sheet
Shafted Incremental Encoder, 2.5" Flange Size, 3000 to 5000 PPR. View Data Sheet

Lika I115 Encoder

Intrinsically Safe Incremental Encoder
1 to 5000 PPR, IP67 400G Shock, 20 G Vibration                                               
View Data Sheet

Lika CK41 Encoder

e14h-thumb  E14HS
Miniature Incremental Encoder With Hubshaft and Tether <2.0" Flange Size 100 to 2540 PPR View Data Sheet

Lika C50 Encoder

hs20s-thumb HS20
Sealed Hollowshaft Encoder 2.0" Flange Size 1 to 2540 PPR  View Data Sheet

Lika C80 Encoder

Heavy Duty Hollowshaft Incremental Encoder 3.5" Flange, Size 1 to 5000 PPR View Data Sheet 
BEI HS35 Encoder ReplacementHS35iQ
Heavy Duty Hollowshaft Encoder with Fault Detection, Programmable Resolution up to 20000 PPR, 3.5" Flange Size. View Data Sheet