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Feedback Devices Full Line Catalog (P/N # E105)

A 100-page, full-line catalog showcasing the complete line of Feedback Control devices containing detailed technical specifications.

Note: Our full line catalog is available in limited print capacity. For complete technical product details refer to our website.

thumb_Dynapar Feedback CatalogPDF Version
Encoder Application Handbook

A comprehensive reference guide that explains the basics of encoder feedback technology and its diverse industry application usages.

Encoder Application Handbook thumbPDF Version
Feedback Quick Reference Guide (New P/N # F-FQRG120) - Old Ref # FQRG200)

This handy fold-out brochure contains three large, easy-to-read product charts showcasing in bullet symbol form the key features and specifications of our DICG resolver, incremental and absolute encoder products. Designed to help users, as well as distributors, select the right model feedback control for their/their customers’ application needs.

Danaher Feedback Quick Ref Guide (FQRG200) thumbPDF Version
NEW Northstar Heavy-Duty Line Brochure (New P/N # N-FLB131)

A useful 6-page, short-form catalog designed to highlight the strengths and models that encompass the expanding Northstar heavy-duty/mill duty magneto-resistive and new harsh-duty optical encoder line. A popular introduction piece on the comprehensive Northstar encoder product line.

Northstar Line Brochure thumbPDF Version
NEW Harowe Resolver Brochure

A helpful, two-sided brochure detailing the full line of resolver products, specifications and selection criteria. This brochure assists in the selection of the right resolver for specific applications.

Harowe-Resolver-Brochure thumbPDF Version
NEW Wind Power Brochure

Two-sided brochure highlighting encoders for generator and pitch control applications.

wind-bro-thumbPDF Version
NEW Oil & Gas Brochure

Encoders certified for ATEX Zone 0, NEC Class I Div II, CE and CSA.

oilgas-bro-thumbPDF Version
NEW Off Highway Brochure

Encoders for speed and position sensing requirements.

offhigh-bro-thumbPDF Version
NEW HSD35 Brochure

Northstar's most rugged mill duty optical encoder. It's design includes a latching field-serviceable style connector, stainless steel shaft hub and dual split shaft clamp meeting the demands of heavy duty industries.

hsd35-bro-thumbPDF Version
NEW HS35R Brochure

The industry’s first hollow shaft encoder for the Vector Motor Industry. Features larger mechanically held bearings, and dual v seals.

hs35r-bro-thumbPDF Version