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Dynapar offers the broadest range of resolver and shaft encoder products for motion feedback control.

Whether you’re looking for incremental or absolute, optical or magnetic shaft encoders, or resolvers, we’ve made it simple to find the exact resolver or encoder product you need. Using the simple product selector on the left, begin by choosing to search by any combination of the options below:

  • Resolver or Encoder Product Type
  • Mounting Option
  • Duty
  • Brand
  • Industry

From there, the product selector will walk you through the process until you reach the customized resolver or shaft encoder solution you’re looking for.

Featured Products

HD35R Web large

Series HD35R Heavy Duty Encoder

HD35R Heavy Duty Optical Encoder        

Key Features

  • Phased Array Sensor for Reliable Signal Output
  • Rugged Design with Wide Spaced Oversized Bearings 
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RIM Tach 8500 NexGen

RIM Tach® 8500 NexGen

RIM Tach 8500® NexGen Encoder 

Key Features

  • New Sensor Provides up to 0.075" of Air Gap, Over 50% More Than Competitive Models
  • Expanded Resolution up to 2048 (4096 Coming Soon)
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RR25 Heavy Duty Rate Indicator

RR25 Heavy Duty Rate Indicator

Key Features:

  • Corrosion-Resistant Construction
  • Patent Pending Revolutionary Technology
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