12 PPR VariationsHS3500127312A
60 PPR VariationsHS350060E3020, HS350060E312D
250 PPR VariationsHS350250G03B1
360 PPR VariationsHS35036080225
500 PPR VarationsHS350500G1362
600 PPR VarationsHS350600G1000, HS350600C3000, HS350600G1442, HS350600C3222
900 PPR VariationsHS3509007353C
1000 PPR VariationsHS35100075437, HS35100075437
1024 PPR VariationsHS351024844B7, HS351024G44B7, HS351024833BD, HS351024G54B7, HS35102483442, HS351024844B7, HS351024843B1, HS351024844B7, HS3510248444D, HS351024814B7, HS351024814B7, HS351024634B2, HS35102483447, HS351024G44B7, HS35102484347, HS351024G14BA, HS351024844B7, HS35102484347, HS351024844B7
1200 PPR VariationsHS351200G1127
2000 PPR VariationsHS352000G334C, HS352000G334C
2048 PPR VariationsHS352048814B7, HS352048844B7
2400 PPR VariationsHS352400C3200
The Dynapar brand Series HS35 Sealed Hollow-shaft encoder is designed for easy installation on motor or machine shafts. Its hollow-shaft design eliminates the need for a flexible shaft coupling, mounting bracket, flower pot, or flange adapter. This not only reduces the installation depth, but also lowers total cost.

HS35 | Sealed Hollow Shaft Encoder


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Replaced by HS35R Series

This series has been discontinued and replaced by the HS35R hollow-shaft encoder series.


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