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Maximize Uptime With Reliable NorthStar Heavy Duty Encoders

Next generation NorthStar magnetic encoders are easy to install and maintain, provide reliable output and come with on-board diagnostics so you can be confident they will perform in heavy duty environments.




Best in Class Reliability and Performance

Be confident in encoder selection with an encoder designed specifically for mills and heavy duty environments.

  • NorthStar heavy duty magnetic encoders outperform optical encoders thanks to fully encapsulated electronics and provide the lowest cost of ownership in applications with dust, moisture, and contaminants common in heavy duty environments.
  • With over half a century of proven reliability, the next generation of NorthStar encoders continues to provide heavy duty performance with higher resolution, noise-resistant electronics, and on-board diagnostics.


Easy Installation with a Way to Verify Proper Installation

Install quickly and have peace of mind of proper encoder installation thanks to a real-time LED indicator.

  • Widest sensing air gap on the market allows pulse wheel to be installed without special precision tools and avoid wheel to sensor strikes while in operation
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protection forgive wiring mistakes such as crossing power and signal wires
  • Diagnostic LED indicator verifies correct power to encoder and pulse output


Avoid Noise Issues Thanks to Reliable Signal Quality

Ensure reliable encoder output over long distances with a powerful line driver and on-board diagnostics.

  • High power differential line driver (IC-WE) provides a reliable output signal for long cable runs
  • The suppression feature actively senses ringing and provides clean output signal no matter what the resolution.
  • An on-board diagnostic LED indicator provides real-time verification of signal output and potential malfunctions


Simplified Troubleshooting with Visual LED Indicator

Get real-time indication of successful encoder output thanks to the diagnostic LED indicator.

  • Find the root cause faster with a multicolor status LED indicator that verifies correct power to encoder, pulse output and potential power or line driver issues
  • LED only flashes green once proper power is supplied and only blinks if the wheel is aligned correctly, helping with initial machine commissioning and field install
  • LED indicator provides a visual indication if a failure occurs


Low Maintenance and Long Life Performance

Specify an encoder solution that will last in heavy duty environments with easy maintenance when needed.

  • Magnetic sensing technology provides long life performance and extreme resistance to dust, moisture and contaminants common in heavy duty environments
  • Non-marring design of the pulse wheel locking mechanism ensures long term reliability. When the time comes, ensure the wheel is removed without issues.
  • Long term support with replaceable sensors and pulse wheels available (RIM Tach models only)


Dedicated Customer Support Available When Needed

Our dedicated customer and technical support team is here when you need it and available via phone.

  • We provide expedited manufacturing and rush delivery options when our customers need it to get back up and running quickly.
  • All NorthStar heavy duty encoders come with a standard 2 year warranty
  • Our expert technical support team is available via phone and can help specify the right product for your application

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