Dynapar OnSite™ Remote Vibration Monitoring System - Complete Vibration Sensors and Vibration Monitoring Solution

The Dynapar OnSite™ Remote Condition Monitoring System and vibration sensors are designed to transform your operations from infrequent route-based based data collection and manual analysis to 24x7 remote data collection with built-in data analysis tools at a price point any plant can afford.

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An Affordable Remote Vibration Monitoring System That’s Easy to Install

To make setup easy and painless, our vibration monitoring system connects via cellular data or an existing Wi-Fi network. Data is securely sent wirelessly to a cloud meaning there is no need for expensive local servers and no need to wire the system into control architecture. Once in the cloud, the vibration sensor data can be analyzed with powerful tools and alarms can be sent right to your phone. The result is an affordable system that can setup in minutes, capture data wirelessly, provide real-time information about your assets. It can alert you of a problem AND help you analyze the root cause.

Vibration Monitoring Sensor on motor

What Is Vibration Monitoring Important?

Vibration monitoring of critical assets is important in preventing production halts and equipment failure. By monitoring the condition of critical equipment, manufacturers can analyze and predict issues with rotating assets and maximize production output, minimize downtime and plan maintenance in advance. Dynapar’s online vibration monitoring system makes it easy to take charge of equipment reliability by remotely monitoring critical aspects via vibration sensors and sending alerts when issues arise.


OnSite remote vibration monitoring system

Remotely Capture Triaxial Vibration, Temperature and Running Speed

The OnSite system captures vibration data with triaxial accelerometers with integrated temperature sensors. With frequency accuracy of +/-1Hz and 16,384 lines of resolution over a frequency spectrum of 0-2,000 Hz, high quality vibration sensor data can be captured remotely and analyzed to find the root cause of a problem. With our heritage as an encoder feedback company, the OnSite system includes an option encoder speed input feature which allows any AB quadrature encoder data to be captured along with vibration and temperature. This makes the system ideal for variable speed applications such as fans, blowers and cooling tower motors, where knowing running speed is critical.

high resolution vibration sensor data


A Vibration Monitoring Sensor That is Always Listening

With event-based data acquisition, the OnSite remote vibration sensors can be configured to continuously listen to data and only post data to the cloud and send alarms when a certain threshold is met. This includes triggers based on:

  • Temperature
  • Running Speed
  • RMS Value
  • Acceleration

With event-based triggering, the OnSite system offers the flexibility for users to not worry about normal operating conditions but capture data and be notified when conditions change beyond their established baselines.

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OnSite Vibration Sensor




Identify Issues and Remotely Diagnose Problems Early with Powerful Vibration Analysis Tools

Just knowing an asset is troubled is not enough to stop production to install a replacement. Today’s maintenance professional needs to be able to answer the questions “how bad is it?” and “when should we act?” to justify shutting down a line in an environment of tough deadlines and aggressive production goals.

With this in mind, the OnSite system is designed to provide more than just an alarm, with high quality vibration data, temperature and speed input and vibration analysis tools such as RMS trend view and FFT plots, the system allows you to remotely diagnose the problem and answer the question “how bad is it?”



A Rugged Vibration Monitoring System Built to Survive Industrial Environments

To survive the toughest environments, each triaxial accelerometers with integrated temperature sensor is rated at IP68 and 221°F max (105°C) with heavy duty shielded cables connecting vibration sensors to the wireless sensor hub. With over 60 years of experience manufacturing rugged rotary encoders designed for paper mills, steel mills, factory automation and other industrial applications, Dynapar designed the OnSite system to survive the same environments.



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What our customers are saying:

Customer-quote-bubble“The bearing didn't go into catastrophic failure. The customer didn't have to shut down the plant in the middle of the day. The vibration data from the OnSite system helped us find and diagnose the problem early.”

- Predictive Maintenance Manager, Working with a Major US Food Manufacturer

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