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Deploy Predictive Maintenance in Your Plant Today

“The OnSite system allowed us to catch a bearing defect early, safely monitor it and continue production until we hit our goal. We were in control of the situation and changed the bearing out during our scheduled maintenance.”

- E&I Supervisor, Major US Paper Manufacturer

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Build Your IoT Enabled Smart Factory Today

Today’s maintenance professional is wearing multiple hats while trying to execute scheduled maintenance tasks to avoid machine downtime. But with so many points of potential failure to maintain, you need a tool that allows you to focus attention on what is truly at risk and efficiently plan your time and resources.

With the OnSite system, you can start building a predictive maintenance program at your facility with features such as:

  • Remote, cloud based tools to analyze vibration, temp and speed and identify issues
  • Real time alarms sent via email or text message
  • Intuitive status dashboard to quickly see which assets are red and need attention






Start Small and Scale with an Affordable Predictive Maintenance Tool

The OnSite system comes at an affordable price point with no large upfront investment making it a great fit for proactive maintenance pros looking to start a predictive maintenance program or monitor smaller assets where expensive traditional systems do not fit. Once you prove it works, easily scale by adding more units or redeploy your current system to a new asset.

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Make Better Decisions with High Quality Vibration Data

With frequency accuracy of +/-1Hz and 16,384 lines of resolution over a frequency spectrum of 0-2,000 Hz, the OnSite system allows you to see the difference between a bearing defect and a running bearing’s normal harmonics. While such resolution is usually reserved for more expensive systems, the OnSite system allows you to get to the root cause of a problem remotely, thanks to high quality data.

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Not Just Data Collection, OnSite Offers a Complete Solution

The OnSite system improves communication with your trusted vibration experts no matter where they are and if they are internal or external to your organization.

For vibration experts, OnSite provides expert level vibration analysis tools such as FFT plots, harmonic cursors and sideband cursors built for those familiar with portable vibration analyzers. OnSite also provides an intuitive dashboard for internal stakeholders to monitor the changing state of an asset with text and email alarms and secure cloud-based access.





The Dynapar OnSite System

  • Affordable, 24/7 condition monitoring of machine vibration temperature and speed
  • Setup in minutes, no need to wire into control architecture
  • Triaxial accelerometer sensors collect high quality vibration data
  • Built-in tools including FFT plots, waterfall plots, harmonic cursors, RMS trend and more
  • Easy to use alarms send alerts via text or email




onsite-header-sensor-on-motorGet Started with Affordable Remote Condition Monitoring Today!

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What our customers are saying:

Customer-quote-bubble“The bearing didn't go into catastrophic failure. The customer didn't have to shut down the plant in the middle of the day. The vibration data from the OnSite system helped us find and diagnose the problem early.”

- Predictive Maintenance Manager, Working with a Major US Food Manufacturer

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