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Add Predictive Maintenance to Your Service Offering

“Instead of waiting for my customer to call me, I’ll know before the customer does whether there are any issues going on with their equipment. I can call them with an answer, instead of them calling me with a problem.”

- Predictive Maintenance Manager, 3rd Party Maintenance Services Provider

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Join the Predictive Maintenance IoT Revolution

Predictive analysis and IoT enabled cloud tools are here today and progressive facilities are trying to build a smart factory. Play an integral part in your customer’s journey by offering predictive maintenance and remote monitoring as part of your service portfolio with your knowledge and expertise behind the technology. With multi-site account structures, data account access levels, multi-factor alarms and a private branded portal option, the OnSite systems is the perfect tool to create your own predictive/IoT service.






Offer Your Customers Remote Vibration Monitoring as a Service

Your customers rely on your vibration expertise and services to keep their critical assets running. But travelling onsite and manually collecting data reduces the amount of time you and your techs can devote to actual analysis. With the OnSite system, you can offer a better level of service without having to collect data manually. If an asset is identified as problematic during route, you can leave the OnSite system on the asset so you can remotely monitor and receive alarms when conditions change, allowing you to offer remote monitoring back by your experience as a service to your customers.

Play the video for an example of how the OnSite system's remote monitoring was used to catch a bearing issue



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Enable Your Team with High Quality Vibration Data

With frequency accuracy of +/-1Hz and 16,384 lines of resolution over a frequency spectrum of 0-2,000 Hz, the OnSite system allows vibration experts to remotely diagnose issues with a high degree of certainty. Advanced cloud based tools are designed to be intuitive for any certified professional familiar with hand held vibration analyzers and include built in features such as FFT, waterfall plots and the ability to quickly recall historical data. Set alarms based on user established thresholds for multiple factors and be notified only when conditions change, allow vibration experts to focus on equipment when it becomes critical.




Grow Your Business with the Dynapar OnSite System

OnSite also allows you to reach customers beyond your current area of business thanks to remote monitoring without adding personnel. With the OnSite system, vibration experts can focus on vibration analysis instead of non-value-added services such as manually taking thousands of data readings and travel. Ask about our partner program where we can connect end users in need of an expert with local vibration professionals.

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The Dynapar OnSite System

  • Affordable, 24/7 condition monitoring of machine vibration temperature and speed
  • Setup in minutes, no need to wire into control architecture
  • Triaxial accelerometer sensors collect high quality vibration data
  • Built-in tools including FFT plots, waterfall plots, harmonic cursors, RMS trend and more
  • Easy to use alarms send alerts via text or email




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What our customers are saying:

Customer-quote-bubble“The bearing didn't go into catastrophic failure. The customer didn't have to shut down the plant in the middle of the day. The vibration data from the OnSite system helped us find and diagnose the problem early.”

- Predictive Maintenance Manager, Working with a Major US Food Manufacturer

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