Series H56 Rotopulser Heavy Duty Encoders


Series H56 Rotopulser© Encoder

 H56 Heavy Duty Encoders
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  • The most rugged and reliable pulse generator available
  • Suitable for severe duty in paper, steel, and lumber mills
  • Large outer bearings isolate internal encoder from excessive shaft loads

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Overview / Design Principle:

The H56 Rotopulser® design employs an "encoder within an encoder" construction. The internal, high performance hollowshaft encoder is isolated from severe application environments. The heavy duty, cast aluminum housing features two heavy duty bearings and a 5/8" diameter shaft that is available with an optional drive shaft. The housing is completely sealed for washdown and temperature rated for outdoor use.

Complete electrical protection guards against failure due to overvoltage, reverse voltage, and output short circuits. For downtime critical applications, a second, redundant output can be ordered to allow quick changeover. The optional dual isolated outputs are completely independent, so one pulse generator can be used to provide drive feedback while the other provides input to a process controller or PLC.

Features and Benefits:

Dynapar Exclusive:

The Series H56 Rotopulser® heavy duty encoders electronics offer the greatest flexibility and reliability. It operates from 5 to 26 VDC power and provides wide voltage, line driver outputs that are compatible with all common motor drives, PLCs, and process controllers. Additionally, the outputs are protected from overvoltage or reverse voltage input power, and the outputs are protected against short circuits.

The Series H56 Rotopulser® encoder is tested to meet the stringent noise immunity requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive of the European Union, EN50082-2. Stable performance is guaranteed, even in the presence of high current switchgear, radio transmitters, and noisy equipment.

The Dynapar Advantage:

  • Innovative, high quality leading edge technology encoder products
  • Broad commercial - industrial grade product line
  • Fast 3 Day Delivery and customized built to order solutions available
  • Global Manufacturing & Service Support
  • Fast-Friendly Customer Service & Technical Support with Multi-Lingual Capabilities
  • Global Network of Authorized Resellers
  • Competitive Product Warranty:  2 Years  


The Series H56 Rotopulser® is the most rugged and reliable digital pulse generator available for heavy industrial speed, length, and position applications.

Standard Operating Characteristics
Code: Incremental
Resolution: 1 to 2540 PPR (pulses/revolution)
Accuracy: (Worst case any edge to any other edge) ≤ 1024 PPR (metal disk): ± 7.5 arc-min. > 1024 PPR (glass disk): ± 2.5 arc-min.
Format: Two channel quadrature (AB) with optional Index (Z) and complementary outputs
Phase Sense: A leads B for CCW shaft rotation as viewed from the shaft end of the encoder
Quadrature Phasing: 90° ± 22.5° electrical
Symmetry: 180° ± 18° electrical
Index: 180° ± 18° electrical (gated with B low)
Waveforms: Squarewave with rise and fall times less than 1 microsecond into a load capacitance of 1000 pf

Input Power: 4.5 min. to 26 VDC max. at 80 mA max., not including output loads
Outputs: 7273 Open Collector: 30 VDC max., 40 mA sink
7272 Push-Pull and Differential Line Driver: 40 mA, sink or source
4469 Differential Line Driver: 100 mA, sink or source
Frequency Response: 100 kHz min.
Electrical Protection: Overvoltage, reverse voltage and output short circuit protected
Noise Immunity: Tested to EN50082-2 (Heavy Industrial) for Electro Static Discharge, Radio Frequency Interference, Electrical Fast Transients.

Mating Connector : 6 pin, style MS3106A-14S-6S (MCN-N4);
7 pin, style MS3106A-16S-1S (MCN-N5);
10 pin, style MS3106A-18-1S (MCN-N6);
5 pin, style M12: Cable with connector available
8 pin, style M12: Cable with connector available

Shaft Loading: (at 0.25" from encoder face) Resolutions ≤ 1024 PPR: 80 lbs. radial, axial
Resolutions > 1024 PPR: 40 lbs. radial, axial
Shaft Speed: Resolutions ≤ 1024 PPR: 10,000 RPM max.
Resolutions > 1024 PPR: 5,000 RPM max.
Starting Torque: (max at 25° C) without shaft seal: 1.0 oz-in;
with shaft seal: 2.0 oz-in
Moment of Inertia: 3.0 x 10-4 oz-in-sec2
Weight: 10 oz. max.

Operating Temperature: Standard: 0 to +70° C;
Extended: -40 to +85° C
Storage Temperature: -40 to +90° C
Shock: 50 G's for 11 milliseconds duration
Vibration: 5 to 2000 Hz at 20 G's
Humidity: to 98% without condensation
Enclosure Rating: NEMA12/IP54 (dirt tight, splashproof); NEMA4/IP66 (dust proof, washdown) when ordered with shaft seal and either MS connector or watertight cale exit

Available Specifications:

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