Absolute Rotary Encoders

Keep track of position at all times and provide a cost-effective solution in many motion control and industrial automation applications. Acuro Series rotary encoders solve the age old problem of establishing a home position without causing costly downtime or scrap.  They always know their position whereby factors such as inactivity for long periods of time and/or moves at a slow rate have no effect on these encoders.

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Dynapar Rotary Encoders

General-Purpose Incremental Rotary Encoders

Deliver precise digital feedback for fractional horsepower motors in relatively clean environments. Dynapar Incremental Rotary Encoderswith integral shaft size from 1/8” to ½” and housing size ranges from 1 to 2.5 diameter include electrical interface via side or end mounted MS connectors with choice of flange, servo of face mounting configuration options.

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Dynapar Incremental Encoders

Motor Mount Incremental Encoders

For stepper motor or servo motor control, motor mount encoders install easily without adaptors or extra hardware for fast, simple direct to motor installation (or mounting to other free shafts). Available in commercial and industrial duty hubshaft, hollowshaft or ring-mount configurations, our motor mount incremental rotary encoders provide reliable feedback for servo and stepper motor applications, even high speed motors up to 12000 RPM. Ruggedized versions with unbreakable metal disks are available for harsh environments or heat up to 120ºC.

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Heavy-Duty Incremental Encoders and Pulse Tachs

Ideal for applications with dirty or high horsepower, large shaft motors. Our magneto-resistive technology is not affected by dirt, dust or dampness.  Choose from heavy duty incremental encoders, mill duty encoders and digital pulse tachs which provide high performance velocity and position feedback in extreme environments and on large motors.


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NorthStar Brand Encoders

NEW Harsh-Duty Optical Encoders

Northstar now offers a new series of highly accurate, incremental optical encoders blended with the rugged magneto-resistive performance you expect from Northstar. Choose from a growing line of harsh-duty optical encodersdesigned to provide reliable and intrisically safe operation in severe-duty - food, oil/gas and related heavy-duty industrial applications that will not corrode and can withstand temperature extremes from -40ºC TO +100ºC.

Compared to Northstar's traditional heavy-duty models, the harsh-duty optical line offers extreme shock and vibration resistance, special labyrinth sealing options on select models, hazardous environment ATEX certification and instrinsically-safe operation as well as extreme corrosion and washdown resistant stainless and nickel plated models designed for the special application needs of the food and beverage industry among others.


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NorthStar Optical Encoders


NEW NorthStar Shaftless Encoders

Dynapar introduces the NorthStar HDN and HDP series of shaft-less encoders.  The new encoders feature true non-contact sensing technology that eliminates encoder shafts, bearings, and seals.  As a result, the encoder is highly reliable, compact, completely sealed, and easy to integrate into existing applications.

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NorthStar Optical Encoders

Harowe Brand Ultra-Performance Resolvers

Digital output, magnetic device resolvers are considered more rugged than rotary encoders for use in adverse operating conditions involving extreme temperature (up to 220 C), high shock, vibration or dirty environments. Shielded, spaced support bearings provide up to 10x the life of duplex bearings.  Tooth-wound models cut electrical error 50% and brushless models eliminate components that can limit life. Available in housed and frameless varieties.

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Harowe Resolvers

Dynapar Brand Multi-Function Indicators & Controllers

Dynapar also includes a small line of select line of Multi-function Indicators and Controllers.  For more information on our Dynapar brand indicators and multi-function controllers, go to Veeder Root Counters for more information.


Spare Parts & Accessories

Our wide range of encoder accessories provide form, fit and function for trouble-free installation of your encoder into your application. Choose from a variety of pickups and sensors, couplings, connectors, mounting brackets and adapters all manufactured to our high manufacturing and quality standards. 

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Northstar™ - brand encoders with ultra-reliable magnetic sensing technology are the recognized specialists in heavy-duty encoders and pulse tachs for over 30 years.

Hengstler™- is a respected European leader in absolute encoders and related industrial components for counting and control applications, such as counters/timers, industrial and temperature controllers, relays, and printers and cutters for over 160 years.

Harowe™- are the first choice for rugged, noise resistant housed and brushless resolvers trusted for heavy duty construction and non-stop performance in tough conditions for over 50 years.