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Harowe Resolvers Deliver Proven Performance to the US Military & Defense as the Feedback Mechanism of Choice

If Uncle Sam can rely on Harowe brand resolvers for US military operations, shouldn’t you?!?

F14 jet fighters require precise feedback and speed control of their fighter jet at all times. Harowe brand resolvers deliver reliable and accurate feedback to pilot flight control panel controls concerning such critical mechanical and jet operation applications as thrust reversers, throttle valve indicators and starter/generator feedback to name a few. Pilots who risk their lives each and every day by defying gravity and the odds, can rest assured that Harowe brand resolvers will perform to specification in the rugged and extreme environment that is a fighter jet engine.

Harowe represents the most robust, dependable feedback products on the market today designed to meet aerospace and defense requirements, including:

  • High speed applications (over 30,000RPM)
  • High temperature environments (up to 220C)
  • High shock and vibration environments
  • Dual speeds
  • Tandems (for redundancy applications)

In addition, our global manufacturing and support are designed to work within any engineering project deadline:

  • Open Bore Frameless Resolver - like the NEW Harowe MAX Resolver- are the ideal position feedback transducer for brushless motors, robots and direct-drive motors in precision rotary platforms and similar servo applications
  • R25 Heavy Duty Brushless Resolvers are the better choice over encoders for applications that involve very high temperature, vibration and shock and/or dirty environments  

Featured Products

RIM Tach 1250 ResolverSize 31 & 55 Frameless Resolvers is lightweight, compact and provides accurate, absolute position feedback and resistance to high shock, vibration,EMI noise, radiation and temperature extremes. > Discover More

R25 Resolvers feature front and rear bearing shaft support, IP 65 packaging with shaft seals available and a modular design with connectors in diverse sizes or flying leads. > Discover More

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