Heavy-Duty Optical Encoders (ATEX)

Northstar now offers a new series of highly accurate, incremental optical encoders blended with the rugged magneto-resistive performance you expect from Northstar.  Choose from a growing line of heavy-duty optical encoders designed to provide reliable and intrisically safe operation in severe-duty - food, oil/gas and related heavy-duty industrial applications that will not corrode and can withstand temperature extremes from -40ºC TO +100ºC.   

Compared to Northstar's traditional heavy-duty models, the harsh-duty optical line offers extreme shock and vibration resistance, special labyrinth sealing options on select models, hazardous environment ATEX certification and instrinsically-safe operation as well as extreme corrosion and washdown resistant stainless and nickel plated models designed for the special application needs of the food and beverage industry among others.

Heavy-Duty Optical Encoders

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Shaft-less Encoders



Zone 1 Barrier-less Optical Encoders