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Absolute Encoders for Gantry Systems

Absolute Encoders Automate Gantry Motion Control in Manufacturing Plants

Absolute encoders with multi-turn capability are ideal for use in gantry systems that are suspended overhead. They promote absolute position control in many manufacturing processing applications and plants containing gantry systems.

Imagine a large plant with 14 gantry rails mounted above a manufacturing floor with shuttles riding along each gantry rail that move product and/or raw materials to their next station or phase in production. Encoders and measuring wheels can be found at work installed on each shuttle to measure and control product position. By means of small tension pulleys, the measuring wheel is pressed against a belt that is retrofitted to the gantry rail.

Dynapar brand absolute encoders remember their position, even in the event of a power disruption. Thus, avoiding incidences of downtime or scrap.

Furthermore, absolute encoders with multi-turn capability are popular in gantry applications due to their long travel length and the ability of Dynapar encoders with multi-turn to record unique data positions up to 4096 revolutions.

In addition, our global manufacturing and support are designed to work within any engineering project deadline or to meet any unique gantry OEM requirement :

  • Dynapar Absoluteand Multi-turn encoders provide absolute position feedback of gantry shuttle systems even after a power interruption.

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