Standard Operating Characteristics
Resolution:60 PPR (pulses/revolution)
Input Power:(not including output loads)Single ended 4.5 min. to 16.5 VDC max. at 50 mA max.;Open collector and differential line driver: 4.5 min. to 26 VDC max. at 75 mA max.
Motor frame sizes:56C, 143TC, 145TC, 182C and 184C
Housing:Cast Aluminum, chromate finish
Operating Temperature:-40 to +85°C

The Dynapar brand Series R45 Rotopulser® mounts directly to motors with a front or rear 4-1/2" NEMA C-face to provide digital feedback for RPM readout, speed control, and positioning.

R45 | Bearingless Ring Kit


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Key Features:

  • 56C-face Ring Kit Motor Mounting
  • Dependable Gear Tooth & Pickup Design
  • Field-Replaceable Readhead for Easy Service
  • Thin 5/8” Profile Saves Valuable Space

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