Standard Operating Characteristics
Resolution:3000 to 5000 PPR (pulses/revolution)
Accuracy:(Worst case any edge to any other edge) ±10.8°/PPR
Input Power:4.5 min. to 26 VDC max. at 80 mA max., not including output loads
Operating Temperature:Standard: 0 to +70 °C

The Series EC23 is a high resolution, optical incremental encoder designed for light industrial and commercial applications. A standard Size 23 (2.3" dia.), the EC23 is ideal for machine and equipment designs with limited space and high performance requirements.


  • Motor-mounted feedback for servo systems
  • Assembly machines
  • Robotics and material handling
  • Printers, X/Y plotters, and phototypesetters
  • Semiconductor I.C. bonders
  • Medical diagnostic equipment (X-ray & CAT scanners)
  • Position and/or velocity input for CNC’s, PLC’s, motion controllers, etc.


EC23 | Compact Encoder


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Key Features:

  • High 5000PPR Capability
  • Optional Screw Terminal Connections
  • Standard Size 23 (2.3” diameter)

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