Standard Operating Characteristics
Pulses per Revolution:64-2048
Input Voltage Requirement:5-26 Volts DC
Mounting Configuration:8.5” 180C face mount for NEMA MG1 standards
Housing Material:Aluminum
Operating Temperature Range:-40°C to +100°C, optional +120°C
Our Northstar SLIM Tach ST85 digital tachometer is designed to combine our proven rugged Northstar construction with upgraded advanced magnetic technology to provide our customers with reliable mill duty feedback while eliminating encoder related downtime.


SLIM Tach® ST85 (Single Output) | Bearingless Encoder

ST85 170pix

Product Photos

ST85 50pix

Key Features:

  • Redesigned using our Revolutionary Sensor Technology to provide a large air gap of 0.060"
  • Bearingless design mounts to 180 C-Face motors
  • Dual C-Face versions available for "sandwich" mounting
  • Anodized aluminum housing with field-serviceable connector
  • Single or dual isolated outputs available
  • Diagnostic LED for convenient visual of encoder functionality status

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