Standard Operating Characteristics
Pulses Per Revolution:60 to 2400
Input Power Requirements:5-15VDC, 45mA typical per sensor module plus line driver load
Mounting Configuration:12.5" C-Face Mount for NEMA MG1 Standards
Housing Material:Cast Iron/Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature Range:-40C to +100°C
NorthStar’s RIM Tach® 1250 digital tachometer provides position and velocity feedback from both AC & DC electric motors, providing precise, reliable speed signals for many monitoring and control applications

NorthStar RIM Tach 1250 NexGen (RT1) | Encoder

1250 NexGen Large

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1250 NexGen Small

Key Features:

  • New Sensor Provides Up to 0.075" of Air Gap, Over 50% More than Competitive Models
  • Expanded Resolution of up to 2048 PPR
  • Redesigned Circuitry for On Board Diagnostics with LED and Alarm Output
  • Wide -40C to +100C Temperature Range
  • Optimized Pulse Wheel for Greater Shaft Holding Force and Ease of Assembly
  • Available Shaft Sizes From 0.625 to 2.875

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