Input Power Requirements6-26 VDC
Electrical Immunity Reverse Polarity
Enclosure MaterialNode: Powder Coated Cast AluminumSensor: Stainless Steel
Shock (Sensor)100G's Min
Vibration (Sensor)20 G's at 5-2,000 Hz Spectrum
Operating Temperature (Sensor)-40C to 105C
Frequency Bandwidth0 Hz - 1.6 kHz
Resolution+/- 2.9mg
Dynapar’s OnSite Condition Monitoring System helps reduce downtime that happens in between vibration routes by catching problems earlier through continuous condition monitoring. With the OnSite System, the time that today is spent manually collecting data during a route is now shifted to better analyzing, trending and acting on this data to catch problems sooner.

Dynapar OnSite™ | Condition Monitoring System

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Key Features:

  • Access Critical Data from Anywhere
  • Affordable, Even to Monitor Only 1 Point
  • Easy to Deploy and Use by Anyone
  • Easy to Scale or Transfer to Different Assets
  • Enable Real Time Collaboration Across the Whole Team
  • Built for Tough Environments and Remote Locations

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