Standard Operating Characteristics
Single-turn Resolution:17, 19, 20 Bit Single Turn Resolution
Multi-turn Resolution:12 Bit MT (available with 17, 19 or 20 Bit ST resolution)
Supply Voltage:7-12 VDC
Shaft with integrated Double-Cardanic coupling hub:Couples with: 8, 10, 12mm shafts, other options available upon request
Operating Temperature:-40°C to +115°C
IP RatingIP40
InterfaceACURO® link for Single Cable Solution
Safety Encoder Rating
Funcation Safety RatingSIL2 PLd, SIL3 PLe, category 3

Servo motor encoder

Other applications requiring functional safety

CE UL SIL rated safety encoder certification marks

AD37S Safety Encoder | Single Cable Absolute Encoder for Functional Safety

AD37S Safety Encoder for Functional Safety

Product Photos

Key Features

  • Safety Encoder for Functional Safety applications (SIL2 PLd, SIL3 PLe, category 3)
  • Singleturn and Multiturn safety encoder for high performance motion control
  • Single Cable Solution with ACURO® link interface for 2 and 4 wire applications
  • Most compact absolute multiturn encoder of its class (Mounting depth: 28 mm)
  • Resolution: up to 20 Bit ST + 12 Bit MT
  • Wide operating temperature of -40°C to +115°C
  • Encoder data stored in “Electronic Data Sheet (EDS)” inside encoder
  • Motor and drive data can be stored inside encoder

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